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International Defence & Space Workshop
Multi-Orbit Satellite and Space Technologies  in Space Defence

TUYAD (Telecommunication Satellite and Electronics Industrialists’ Business People’s Association) is a Turkish non-profit non-governmental organisation founded in 2001 by satellite operators and satellite systems manufacturers, and has been working to develop satellite technologies and its market in Türkiye for 23 years.

In this context, “The CubesatVision International Low Earth Orbit Cubesat and Small Satellite Conference” which was held at in BTK, Ankara on 14-15 December 2023 has been a great success leading to the establishment of the Satellite Technologies Venture Group (STVG-UTGG) by bringing together domestic companies and investors who desire to engage in near earth orbit satellite production and, research and development activities together with international leading satellite companies. Another outcome has been the establishment and launch of KÜPSAT A.S. in Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Maslak Campus by 7 major shareholders including an international partner towards providing added value.

Since early 2000, due to new space initiative and CubeSat technologies, there has been a large increase in number of satellites developed and launched which led to a number of specialized small sat launch vehicle development and rideshare options on larger ones, such as transport mission of Falcon 9 of SpaceX, reducing launch cost and making space accessible to everyone. In parallel, many miniaturized systems are developed increasing capability and usage of small satellites particularly in remote sensing and communications. Due to fast development times and affordable cost, they have been produced in large numbers to form constellations reducing very much the temporal resolution as well as adding redundancy. Having spacecraft development, a possibility for everyone is brought up the issue of threat for existing large-scale expensive space assets thus needing a way to protect them. Space situational awareness (SSA) has become a major topic of research and system/sensor development towards protection of in orbit space capabilities.

Likewise, Türkiye, based on recent developments and TUAs space program which gives importance to space studies and plan to increase its space capabilities in orbit through public and private organisations, should participates in these works extensively through international cooperation and prepare related regulatory conditions to attract investors and technology leaders.

Therefore, a second meeting is being planned under the leadership of KÜPSAT A.S. and TUYAD entitled “CubesatVision Exclusive Defence Workshop”, which will be held on 15 May 2024 between 10:00-17:00 at Istanbul Bostancı Green Park Hotel, which will bring together international space companies, domestic defence industry companies and all relevant institutions of the public sector to discuss in depth the space situational awareness, space systems-security-space asset protection and its future under the main concept of defence.

This workshop is first of its kind under the main title of “Defence & Space.

We will be honored by the participation of your leading Institution/Company (as panelist, participant, sponsor, displayer) in satellite technologies to this event, where we will present the knowledge and experience of the sector stakeholders operating in the national and international arena on defence and communication security in space, which arouses great curiosity in our country and in the world, where we will increase the level of knowledge together towards new horizons.

“In this day and age, space capabilities are the main element of the national and economic security for countries!”

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15 May 2024







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